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The MICE Network


The world keeps changing and we are constantly confronted by new challenges. Our goal is it to translate those challenges into new opportunities. We ask the question: How is the world going to MICE tomorrow?

It is our target to answer that question everyday again and guide YOU into an intelligent future in the MICE-Industry.


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Hanna Kleber

Consulting Director 

Julia Kleber

Executive Director

Judith Nagel

Director Trade Relations


Silvia Ganser

Founder of 42 INCENTIVE

Michelle Carolin Speth

Strategic Industry Consultant and Coach

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Travel Lifestyle Network

The Travel Lifestyle Network

The Travel Lifestyle Network is a global collective of leading independent, likeminded PR and Marketing Communications agencies providing specialist services to clients in the travel and lifestyle sectors. Our network members are market leaders in travel and lifestyle communications, with the ability to work collaboratively to achieve valuable return-on-investment for clients across the globe.

Our MICE-Projects

WHAT: Multichannel online advertorial in Germany‘s and Switzerland‘s leading MICE publications: „tw tagungswirtschaft“, CIM Conference & Incentive Magazine, BlachReport and MICE-tip (CH). Running time: May-June 2021

HOW: On behalf of „WienTourismus“ and „Vienna Convention Bureau“ we arranged a multi-channel online advertorial to promote the client’s first ever OOO campaign for the MICE industry. To ensure broad and lasting visibility we worked with four key MICE outlets and strategically placed the client‘s message, creatives, teasers and banners in the medias’ eMags, main websites and sister websites, domestic and international newsletters (duration: one month with a frequency of daily, weekly and monthly depending on the outlet) and their social media channels.
This massive package of editorial and advertising content we negotiated for 1/3 of the list price.

ROI / Outcome: Broad and lasting visibility in the eyes of best possible B2B target group without any spreading loss.
Total reach of the advertorial: 339.500 readers

WHAT: On behalf „WienTourismus“ and „Vienna Convention Bureau“ we arranged a multi-channel advertorial in one of Germany‘s leading MICE publications: „tw tagungswirtschaft“. The parts of the advertorial were published in the run-up to the virtual 2021 edition of the high-profile convention „ECR“ to raise maximum awareness for the congress and the compentence of Vienna as a world-class meeting destination, even during the global pandemic.

HOW: We negotiated a package of editorial and advertising
content for half of the list price covering tw‘s eMag (editorial content created by tw‘s chief editor + advertorial content created by us), its newsletter (announcement of ECR 2021), website (interview with congress organizer) and all of its social channels.

ROI / Outcome: Visibility in the eyes of best possible B2B target group without any spreading loss: 15,500 website vistors, 21,000 newsletter subscribers, 45,000 eMag subscribers and a total of 5,000 social media followers (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook)

WHAT: KPRN network organized and handled a Workshop for the tourism boards of Finland, Iceland, Norway and Denmark, in Frankfurt, Germany.

HOW: KPRN network was in charge of contracting location and catering as well as accommodation and digital platform handling. Moreover, invitation and agenda management in addition to active marketing promotion were part of the assigned tasks.
During the event, the Nordic exhibitors could engage with major players, top sellers and key partners from the German trade during one-to-one meetings. The event was carried out following the Covid-19 hygiene measures required by the federal government.

ROI / Outcome:
- More than 80 participants (between exhibitors and buyers)
- Raise awareness of the Nordic destination among the trade industry
- Exchange of news and building of foundation for new products

South African Tourism Board

KPRN organized the Gala Evening at the ITB in Berlin for media, partners and trade including presentation, buffet, cultural entertainment. KPRN was in charge of total organization, event Coordination and registration.


  • Number of participants: 200
  • Number of articles: 30

Sichuan Tourism

KPRN invited tour operators and journalists to a roadshow event they organized

The province of Sichuan was presented successfully to the trade


  • Number of participants: 55

Meet in Ireland

Run an advertorial campaign in business, lifestyle and MICE magazines.

Place the supplement „Meet in Ireland“ in „Biz Travel“.

Put on a function for the press.

Organise press trips to Ireland.

Full press office.

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